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Stop the inhumane deportation of Dale A McIntier




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Scrap the public sector pay cap




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Delegated Powers

Make sure that Brexit makes the UK more democratic. Ensure that both the public and parliament get a say on new UK laws as we exit the EU.

-Brexit must mean Parliament gets more of a say. When Westminster takes back control of laws made in Brussels, this must lead to proper debates and votes.

-There must be a full legislative process for changes to our rights at work, our rights as consumers, our security, food or medicine safety standards, or environmental protections.

-Make sure that any new secondary legislation created as a result of the UK leaving the EU is reviewed with a reformed and stronger level of scrutiny as soon as possible after the UK exits the EU.


Stop energy companies ripping us off

Theresa May, keep your promise to crack down on energy companies.

To stop energy companies ripping us off you could:
-Put a cap on how much energy companies can charge us
-Speak up when companies are hiking up their prices unfairly
-Make energy bills fair for everyone, including those of us who might struggle to pay

Why ‘38 Degrees’?

38 Degrees is the angle at which snowflakes come together to form an avalanche – together we're unstoppable.

Start here to find out more about 38 Degrees

Why ‘38 Degrees’?

38 Degrees is the angle at which snowflakes come together to form an avalanche – together we're unstoppable.

Start here to find out more about 38 Degrees


Protect our bees

Bees pollinate three quarters of the world’s crops - apples, strawberries, onions, carrots and many many more of our fruit and veg. We wouldn’t last long without them.

Right now there's a temporary ban on bee-killing pesticides, called neonicotinoids, across Europe. Over the next few months Environment Secretary Michael Gove has a chance to protect our bees for good by voting to extend the ban to take more of these pesticides of our fields, and by voting to make the ban permanent.


Devolved Powers

Powers from the EU that affect Scotland should go to the Scottish Government, not Westminster
After Brexit, the UK Government want to take control over key decisions that affect Scotland - from who can fish in our waters, to the rules that protect our environment.

At the moment the EU looks after these issues but the UK and Scottish governments are locked in discussions about who controls what after we leave.

Can you sign the petition and demand that powers from the EU that specifically affect Scotland go to Holyrood, not Westminster, after Brexit?

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