2015: Will you chip in?

Dear 38 Degrees member,

What we’ve achieved together in 2014 is incredible. But let’s be honest - we’re not done yet. If we’re really going to shake things up - and fight to make our democracy work for us - more of us need to invest in making it happen.

38 Degrees is 100% funded by lots of people chipping in what they can - and there are millions of us across the UK. If anyone can drown out the voice of big business - it’s us. Will you chip in £2 or £3 a week to help make sure that in 2015 people power overtakes big business?

If everyone reading this right now gave £3, our fundraiser would be done within a few hours. Our enemies work on behalf of just a few people. When we come together in our millions we are stronger.

Let’s make 2015 the year people power overtakes the powerful few.

Thanks for being involved,


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