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The Gagging Law Petition

Cracks are appearing in the government’s plans to silence criticism from ordinary people, charities and campaigning organisations, known as the ‘gagging law’. Together we’ve forced the government to ‘pause’ the law.

But the government could still block any changes the House of Lords make to fix the gagging law. So we need to show them that pushing ahead with the gagging law will cost them votes at the next election.

Can you sign the petition to fix or scrap the gagging law?

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Nearly 200,000 people have already signed! If we can make sure that MPs know how much opposition there is to the law, we can pressure the government to fix or scrap it when it comes back to the House of Commons. It will embolden MPs who are already on side, and help keep the pressure up on those who aren’t yet.

If we work together, we can make sure every MP is visited by a group of 38 Degrees members in their constituency with a copy of our massive petition against the gagging law. And if MPs are convinced their constituents are against it, they’ll be putting pressure on the government to pull the plug on the gagging law.

Please sign the petition here: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/scrap-the-gagging-law#petition

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