2015: Will you chip in?

Dear 38 Degrees member,

What we’ve achieved together in 2014 is incredible. But let’s be honest - we’re not done yet. If we’re really going to shake things up - and fight to make our democracy work for us - more of us need to invest in making it happen.

38 Degrees is 100% funded by lots of people chipping in what they can - and there are millions of us across the UK. If anyone can drown out the voice of big business - it’s us. Will you chip in £2 or £3 a week to help make sure that in 2015 people power overtakes big business?

If everyone reading this right now gave £3, our fundraiser would be done within a few hours. Our enemies work on behalf of just a few people. When we come together in our millions we are stronger.

Let’s make 2015 the year people power overtakes the powerful few.

Thanks for being involved,


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Work With Us

Rapid prototyper & in-house hacker

About 38 Degrees

At 38 Degrees we pride ourselves on nimble, focused campaigns that we’re more likely to put together in two hours than two weeks. That means our team is decisive, ambitious, and happy to take risks: we aim high and see what happens rather than play it safe. We’re passionate about putting our members first: making people feeling powerful enough to change the world is what drives us as a team. You’ll be a good fit with us if you keep an eye on the bigger picture, often spot opportunities that others miss, and are always willing to get stuck in. If you’re politically aware, persistent, and a little bit scrappy, that’s even better.

Role description:

38 Degrees uses tech to make it easy for our millions of members to have an influence on the issues they care about. Your role is to act as an ‘enabler’ for the campaigning staff in the office team, as well as our members - helping them achieve what they want with tech, and making them aware of possibilities they may not yet have thought of.

 Is this job right for me? If you answer ‘yes’ to the following then it may well be!

• You like helping other people turn their tech dreams into reality

• You get a thrill out of fast-paced working

• You’re excited understanding the best use of new technologies to engage our members and make their impact even bigger

• You’re already thinking of the A/B tests you could run with an email list of 3 million

You’ll work closely with the Head of Tech and other staff to prototype and develop new solutions to problems. You’ll jump in to help troubleshoot our existing tech and provide assistance to other members of the team where needed. 


Essential experience 

• strong understanding and application of HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery, Ruby web frameworks (e.g. Rails), and SQL (we use MySQL).

• Proven understanding of user-focused front-end design.

Things you’ll get to the top of the list

• Experience of writing queries for reporting analytics

• Political campaigning passion or experience (or both!)

• Previous rapid prototyping experience – either professionally or from hack days

• Big data interrogation and manipulation

 Examples of the sort of things you’ll be doing:

• Redesigning pages on the site to display pop-ups for people who live within a certain radius of an event.

• Figuring out how new features in our CMS work and implementing them (e.g. one click donations)

• Improving our Ruby-based Phone-your-MP tool to serve up different scripts based on party etc. of MP.

• Writing queries on our database to find out what campaigns are getting our members excited (or which members are most passionate about which campaigns).

• Updating the campaign templates on the site with the latest results from A/B tests.

• Designing and working with other staff to implement new A/B tests.


Our technology

• Our core CRM, Mass Mailer and CMS for many of our action pages is BlueStateDigital tools

• We use the ControlShift platform for our member-started petition site ‘Campaigns By You’

 • We have several additional tools for members to take action that are built in Ruby or PHP and use the BlueStateDigital API to sync data back to the core database

• We have a cloud-hosted replica of our core MySQL database, used for real-time analytics and reporting



• Competitive salary, dependent upon experience.

• 27 days annual leave

• Employer-contribution pension (once 6 months completed)

• Relaxed and exciting working environment in our open-plan office in Farringdon

• Ongoing professional development encouraged and contributed towards by 38 Degrees.


Fancy it? Then get in touch ASAP!

 To apply, email thayer@team-prime.com (quoting reference '38Direct') with your CV and why you're keen to join the 38 Degrees team. 


About 38 Degrees

38 Degrees is the angle at which an avalanche happens. In the UK, 38 Degrees will enable people to act together, to create an avalanche for change.

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