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HMRC: Don't sell off our tax details

Right now, the taxman, HMRC, is considering to sell our personal tax details to private companies. Our incomes, the amount of tax we pay, and our tax histories could be sold to the highest bidder.

This could pose a serious risk to privacy. But right now, HMRC is thinking about whether to go ahead anyway. Click here to sign the petition to show HMRC, and the government, that we won’t stand for them selling off our tax details.



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The technology that 38 Degrees members have used to run big national campaigns has now been opened up for everyone to create change with. It’s called Campaigns By You. It’s incredibly simple and free to use.

Is there an issue that’s close to your heart? Is one of your local services under threat? Are you concerned about an environmental issue? Is there a company that needs challenging to change its ways or is there something you’d like to see the government do, to make the UK a better place?

If so, you can start a petition right now, it only takes a few minutes to get your campaign started.


Air pollution: Take action

Air pollution has been all over the news. Can you write to environment minister, Owen Paterson, and tell him to take action to improve our air quality?

Cameron & Clegg: Protect Our Hospitals

Our NHS is precious. Watch this video about the hospital closure clause, and then share it far and wide. 

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Campaigns by You

Campaigns by You is a new part of the 38 Degrees site where anyone can start and run their own campaign. Click below to check out the petitions that are already running or start your own.

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