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The Westminster party leaders promised the Scottish people new democratic powers on a clear timetable. But since the referendum, David Cameron has said he wants to link democratic powers for Scotland to other changes like banning Scots MPs from voting on some issues in the UK parliament. This could mean the promise gets delayed or broken. That's unacceptable. Let's tell all the party leaders - a promise is a promise, you can't add extra conditions now.

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The technology that 38 Degrees members have used to run big national campaigns has now been opened up for everyone to create change with. It's called Campaigns By You. It's incredibly simple and free to use.

Is there an issue that’s close to your heart? Is one of your local services under threat? Are you concerned about an environmental issue? Is there a company that needs challenging to change its ways or is there something you’d like to see the government do, to make the UK a better place?

If so, you can start a petition right now, it only takes a few minutes to get your campaign started.


Cameron and Clegg: Increase NHS funding

The NHS needs more funding to survive. Labour have promised more funding. Now let's turn our sights to Cameron and Clegg and make sure they also commit to increase NHS funding.




TTIP: get involved!

TTIP - The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership - if it passes the deal would put the profits of big businesses ahead of our environment and our healthcare system.

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Campaigns by You is a new part of the 38 Degrees site where anyone can start and run their own campaign. Click below to check out the petitions that are already running or start your own.

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