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TTIP: get involved!

TTIP - The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership. It's a complicated name for a dodgy trade deal between Europe and America. If it passes the deal would put the profits of big businesses ahead of our environment, our healthcare, and could even stop the government raising the minimum wage in the future.

There's loads of ways to be involved in the campaign against TTIP.

Click Get Involved to join the campaign. There's more information about the deal, as well as a link to the petition to fix or scrap TTIP, and links to download leaflets to hand out to your neighbours - raising awareness about this sinister deal.

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The technology that 38 Degrees members have used to run big national campaigns has now been opened up for everyone to create change with. It's called Campaigns By You. It's incredibly simple and free to use.

Is there an issue that’s close to your heart? Is one of your local services under threat? Are you concerned about an environmental issue? Is there a company that needs challenging to change its ways or is there something you’d like to see the government do, to make the UK a better place?

If so, you can start a petition right now, it only takes a few minutes to get your campaign started.


Bedroom tax: Let's change it

Could this be the end of the worst parts of the bedroom tax? The unfair tax that forces people to move or pay more rent if they have a “spare” room, even if there aren’t other homes to go to. Ask MPs to vote for a law that would protect thousands from it.

David Cameron: Stop selling arms to Israel

Day after day we see shocking images from Gaza. The war is over 2,300 miles away. But the Israeli army is using weapons containing British-made parts, sold to the Israeli government with the consent of the UK government.

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Campaigns by You

Campaigns by You is a new part of the 38 Degrees site where anyone can start and run their own campaign. Click below to check out the petitions that are already running or start your own.

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