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Matalan: pay up

Matalan are the only major British retailer linked to the Rana Plaza factory complex in Bangladesh who are yet to pay compensation to the survivors of last year's catastrophic building collapse. 

They have 'til Thursday to pay what they owe, or some families won't get the compensation they need. 

Join thousands of 38 Degrees members in telling them to pay up! 

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The technology that 38 Degrees members have used to run big national campaigns has now been opened up for everyone to create change with. It's called Campaigns By You. It's incredibly simple and free to use.

Is there an issue that’s close to your heart? Is one of your local services under threat? Are you concerned about an environmental issue? Is there a company that needs challenging to change its ways or is there something you’d like to see the government do, to make the UK a better place?

If so, you can start a petition right now, it only takes a few minutes to get your campaign started.


Liz Truss: Protect our bees

Sign the card to the new environment secretary, Liz Truss, telling her to protect our bees!

Zero Hours: Demand Vince Cable does more

We're calling on Vince Cable to re-think his plans for zero hours contracts and make wider changes to protect those working on these contracts.

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Campaigns by You

Campaigns by You is a new part of the 38 Degrees site where anyone can start and run their own campaign. Click below to check out the petitions that are already running or start your own.

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