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Ask your MP to give us the power to sack bad MPs

MPs are about to vote on a new law that would give people the power to sack bad MPs. Please write to your MP today. 


TTIP: Email your MEP

Email your MEP to ask them which way they'll vote on TTIP - the dodgy EU-US trade deal.


EU: Stop TTIP and CETA

Sign the European Citizens Initiative with hundreds of thousands of others from across Europe, calling for TTIP and CETA to be scrapped.


A real recall law: meet your MP

MPs should work for voters, but sometimes they don't. That's why we need real recall - a law that would give us the chance to sack bad MPs in between elections. Can your phone your MP and set up a meeting to ask them to back real recall?


What next for Scotland? Have your say

The Smith Commission is meant to deliver new powers to Scotland. Politicians have been quick off the mark to make their demands to Lord Smith. Now he wants to hear from ordinary people in Scotland. Devolution of powers to Scotland should be about what people in Scotland want - let's make sure that voice of the public is louder than the politicians in his ear! Click here to email him.


IPSA: Don't hide MPs' expenses

Remember when we paid £2,115 to clean an MP’s moat? In 2009, many MPs were found to have abused taxpayers’ money by claiming outrageous expenses. Now an idea is being floated to hide the names of MPs whose expenses are being looked into. And make details of expenses less thorough. But our MPs work for us, so what they spend our money on is our business. IPSA the watchdog which sets the rules for MPs expenses is asking for the public's opinion. A huge people-powered petition demanding that politicians expenses are kept public could force the plans to be dropped. Can you sign it now?



The Westminster party leaders promised the Scottish people new democratic powers on a clear timetable. But David Cameron has now said he wants to link democratic powers for Scotland to other changes like banning Scots MPs from voting on some issues in the UK parliament. This could mean the promise gets delayed or broken. That's unacceptable. Let's tell all the party leaders - a promise is a promise, you can't add extra conditions now.


Cameron and Clegg: Increase NHS funding

Tell Cameron and Clegg to commit to increase NHS funding


TTIP: get involved!

There's loads of ways to be involved in the campaign against TTIP - the sinister and secretive EU-US trade deal.


Recall: Put power in voters hands

Sign the petition to get real recall - so if enough people wanted to hold a by-election to sack their MP in between elections, they could.



Nicky Morgan: Please don't privatise education

Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, is floating the idea of privatising our schools. If you think that education should be for children over profit sign our petition. Asking Nicky Morgan to scrap the idea.


Put an end to the cruel conditions in puppy and kitten farming

Please email your MP to ask them to take a stand against puppy and kitten farms. 


Jeremy Hunt: Don't Close Our GP Surgeries

Jeremy Hunt has changed the rules again. He’s bringing in cuts that could see some local GP surgeries closing their doors for good. 700,000 of us could lose our local GP.


Drilling under our homes

Fracking companies might be able to drill under our homes, without our permission. The government is consulting right now. Can you take two minutes now to email the consultation?


David Cameron: Stop selling arms to Israel

Pressure is mounting on the UK government to stop sending British weapons into this warzone. A big petition now, signed by thousands of us, can help prove that the British public want our government to make a stronger stand for peace.


Vince Cable: Please fix or scrap TTIP

Vince Cable’s department is in charge of TTIP in the UK. He’ll decide what we sign up to - he could make or break the deal. He needs to know that we see him as personally responsible for protecting our NHS and stopping big business from walking all over our government. 


Matalan: how much?

Matalan hasn't revealed how much it's paying to victims of Rana Plaza. So on Saturday hundreds of 38 Degrees members came together outside Matalan stores across the country to ask how much!


Don't let corporations sue our government

The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a secretive trade deal between the EU and the US. If it goes through, corporations would be able to sue governments for putting people over profit.

Over 55000 38 Degrees members wrote in to a consultation set up by the EU now telling them not to let corporations sue the UK government under this deal.


Zero Hours: Demand Vince Cable does more

We're calling on Vince Cable to re-think his plans for zero hours contracts and make wider changes to protect those working on these contracts.


Recall Bill: Your Thoughts

Please fill out the poll to make sure that it truly represents thousands of 38 Degrees members.


NHS England: be more transparent

NHS England are completely untransparent: click here to pressure their Chief Exec to come clean about who influences who. 


38 Degrees members rate the parties for the European Election

38 Degrees members have rated UK parties on where they stand on the issues we all care about. 38 Degrees members voted for what issues are our top priorities, and questions were sent to the parties. Thousands of us then rated the responses we got back from parties.



Secret EU-US Trade Deal

Should we launch a campaign to stop the irreversible damage which the deal threatens?


CEO of NHS England: Please meet 38 Degrees members

Click here to email Simon Stevens, the new CEO of NHS England, to invite him to meet with 38 Degrees members.


Recall: Ask for your MP's support

A group of MPs have started an Early Day Motion - a petition for MPs - protesting the government's new recall plans. Can you take two minutes now to email your MP and ask them now to sign it? See if your MP has already signed it here.


HMRC: Don't sell off our tax details

Click here to sign the petition to show HMRC, and the government, that we won’t stand for them selling off our tax details.


Join the Vote!

On the 26th April teams of volunteers across the country are taking to the streets to register their neighbours to vote. Click here to sign up to your local team before the 17th April to get your voter registration pack!


Air pollution: Take action

Air pollution has been all over the news. Can you email the environment minister, Owen Paterson, and tell him to take action to improve our air quality?


Flooding in the UK

24 hours – that’s the time it took for 38 Degrees members to donate just over £100,000 to support victims of the devastating floods. Thank you so much.


NHS Hospital Closure Clause: Email you MP

On Tuesday, the government could get free rein to close hospitals across the country. But, MPs will now have a chance to vote on an amendment which would scrap the hospital closure clause. Can you contact your MP to ask them to vote for this crucial solution?


Ask your MP to accept the House of Lords' good work

Don't let MPs undo the progress we've made on the gagging law. Please click here to email your MP now.


Chip in to help local groups fight fracking

Can you chip in and help make sure we can move fast to win the fight against fracking? Click here to make a secure donation.


Chip in to help fund the legal challenge against Sports Direct

38 Degrees member, Zahera, is taking SportsDirect.com to court over their controversial zero-hours contracts. Can you chip in?


Sports Direct: Stop unfair zero hours contracts

Email the Sports Direct bosses and ask them to give employees the choice of a proper contract with guaranteed hours.


Gagging Law Vote

the government announced plans to water down key parts of their gagging law. [1] It's not enough, but it is progress. If we keep the pressure up now, there's a real chance we can get further big changes.

The government announced plans to water down key parts of their gagging law. It's not enough, but it is progress. If we keep the pressure up now, there's a real chance we can get further big changes.

Lords will vote on changes to the gagging law on Wednesday. Please sign this new last-minute petition now


Save Friern Barnet library rally


Start your own Campaign

If there’s something you want to change - whether it’s your local library closing down or something you read in the news today - why not take the lead and start a petition on Campaigns by You?

Visit Campaigns by You and get started now.


Jeremy Hunt: Train Healthcare Assistants

Email Jeremy Hunt and tell him he needs to act now; we want compulsory, consistent training for all healthcare assistants.


Don't Hike Student Loan Fees

Don't let Vince Cable hike up the interest on student loan repayments!


Jeremy Hunt's new privatisation plot

Sign the petition against Hunt's new NHS privatisation plan here.


Clean energy vs George Osborne: email your MP

Email your MP to pressure them into supporting a cleaner, greener Britain.


Secret Courts: email your MP

Email your MP to vote against secret courts.

38 Degrees members


2013 Campaigns

Happy New Year! What should 38 Degrees campaign on this year? See ideas other members have suggested and suggest your own here.

a tax dodger


How to Avoid tax dodgers

Read this handy guide to avoiding the tax dodgers!


Stand up to Trump

Tell Alex Salmond to stand up to Trump & support renewable energy in Scotland. 


NHS: protect out-of-hours services

Help stop the private health industry endangering people's lives with dodgy out-of-hours coverage.


Cameron's promise on energy tariffs

Make David Cameron's promise a reality!

photo of a monitoring centre


Stop Government Snooping

The government has come up with plans to spy on British citizens - we can force them to back down, if we speak up together now. 

Children in playing field


Protect our school playing fields

Sign the petition to Michael Gove asking him to protect school playing fields.

Photo by IvanClow (flickr)


Some good news

The results for our people-powered bid to get cheaper gas and electricity prices are in. The Co-op has come forward with the cheapest offer. It looks like those of us taking part could save a total of £25 million.


NHS: What Next?

Although we didn't stop the changes to our NHS there is still a lot to fight for. Now we need to decide together what our next step should be and how we can work together to protect our NHS. Can you take two minutes now to vote in the poll?

Two 50p pieces. Based on photo by Leo Reynolds (flickr)


NHS: A message from the sponsors

Big private health companies have got the money to gain influence with leading doctors, but we can level the playing field and invite doctors to our own patient-sponsored event. Can you chip in £1?


Legal Aid

On Tuesday, MPs will vote on the government's cuts to legal aid - email you MP and ask them to back the changes made by the Lords. 

photo of David Cameron


Stop Secret Lobbying

David Cameron has come up with weak rules that won't stop the kind of secret lobbying that damages our democracy - we can push him to go much further and ban secret lobbying, if we speak up together now.


NHS: The Next Step

38 Degrees members have voted 96% in favour of carrying on with the NHS campaign and thousands of us have made our suggestions about what to do next.


Stop cuts to support for disabled people

The government is planning to push through devastating cuts to support for sick and disabled people. These plans could be the difference between a decent life and serious poverty for tens of thousands of people. Can you take 2 minutes to ask your MP to stand up for what’s right and defend sick and disabled people?


Recall - Put Voters in Charge

On Friday MPs will debate a new law that would give voters the power to sack MPs who don’t do their job properly. If thousands of us contact our MPs, we can build the pressure for putting voters in charge. Can you take 2 minutes now to email your MP and ask them to vote for the bill on Friday?


Email a gas and electricity boss

There are over 2.5 million 38 Degrees members. If enough of us get involved we can drive down gas and electricity bills for everyone. Companies are always eager to pass on price hikes. Help shame the energy companies into passing the price cut on to their customers – email the head of one of the big gas and electricity companies now.


Stop rip-off gas and electricity bills

There are over 2.5 million 38 Degrees members. If enough of us get involved we can drive down gas and electricity bills for everyone. Companies are always eager to pass on price hikes. Help shame the energy companies into passing the price cut on to their customers – sign the petition now.


Cuts to legal aid - Rose's story

Disabled people will be among those will suffer most from the government’s plans to cut legal aid.


Rose Hartley would have been one of those people after her disability benefit was wrongly cut by the government. She was only able to appeal against the decision thanks to the free legal aid advice she received.



Crack down on tax dodging

The government’s tax collectors don't seem to have been doing their job properly. Instead of making sure everyone is paying their fair share of tax, they’ve agreed to “sweetheart deals” letting big companies off paying billions of pounds.



We must ensure that Liberal Democrats don’t vote to lift a European ban on buying tar sands oil. Getting oil from tar sands is a environmental disaster. Beautiful areas of unspoilt wilderness get dug up, and covered with open pit mines, toxic lakes, oil refineries and pipelines.


Save Our Countryside

The government is trying to push through massive changes to the way the planning system works. Swathes of pristine countryside and vital green fields around our towns and cities could be put in jeopardy.





38 Degrees members recently gathered in Bedgebury forest to meet with the government’s forests panel, where members handed in a petition of over 39,000 signatures.

A Badger


Rethink the Badger Cull

The government has announced plans to start culling badgers. 

Their own scientific advisers warn that it won't solve the problem of TB in cattle, and could even make it worse. They're consulting on the plans right now. If we don't stop them, badger shoots could begin in a matter of months. Can you add your name to the petition?




Keep protections for wildlife and the environment

The government is looking at scrapping legal protections for the countryside, wildlife and the environment. They claim these laws are 'red tape.'

We need to work together to make sure our wildlife, our countryside and our planet are protected.


Suggest A Campaign

Can't see the a campaign you think we should be running here? Let us know.

We're a people powered movement, so if there's an issue you think we should be involved with please suggest a campaign now.



Share ideas with other 38 Degrees members

Share your thoughts and ideas with other 38 Degrees members on the Facebook page.

It's great way to debate, let others know about issues and keep updated.


Email your MP

38 Degrees is a people-powered movement. One of the things we do together is hold our MPs to account.

If you want to contact your MP about something you care about that's not listed above, our system will make it really easy for you.


About 38 Degrees

38 Degrees is the angle at which an avalanche happens. In the UK, 38 Degrees will enable people to act together, to create an avalanche for change.

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