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38 Degrees has a small team of staff in London. Over the next few months we hope to be recruiting some brilliant web developers so if you are interested in working with us please get in touch.


David Babbs
Executive Director

David works with other groups, charities and individuals to build our people powered movement. Sometimes he talks about our campaigns on the TV and radio. David makes sure that our campaigns are led by our members and achieve real impact.

David has been obsessed with people power ever since the Iraq war in 2003. He went on the big march against the war, and hated it when the people who'd told him it wouldn't make a difference were proved right. He's been interested in ways of making people power count more ever since .

David grew up in Leicester, and now lives in East London. Outside work, he volunteers on a community project near where he lives and likes cycling, gardening and cooking.

Megan Bentall

Having just moved back to the UK after spending some time in America volunteering for Obama for America in Chicago, organising on a grassroots level, Megan is looking forward to being a part of major campaigns affecting important UK policy. In her spare time Megan enjoys reading, singing, and pretending she’s a good cook.

James Blair

James is an experienced campaigner having worked with a range of international and domestic organisations. James has previously led successful campaigns to increase the standard of children's food with the Soil Association and update the law on abuse with Action for Children. James has also trained hundreds of campaigners, working with ActionAid to develop their activism networks and People & Planet to engage young people with global issues. James is also the Chair of the international development charity Tourism Concern.

Madeline Carroll
Campaigns Director

Maddy's job is to help the campaigning team run brilliant campaigns, through practical, strategic and moral support!

Maddy has a varied background, with stints in forensic psychiatry, restaurant management, public relations, green energy and carbon reduction campaigning. She loves ridiculously long cycling trips, roller skating and roast dinners.


Susannah Compton
Campaigns Manager

Susannah started life at 38 Degrees as a volunteer, carried on as an intern and a campaigner, and is now a campaigns manager - she helps design and manage campaigns on a national level. Outside work she braves London traffic on her bike and likes flying kites.


Rebecca Falcon

Rebecca is a campaigner at 38 Degrees. This means she gets to work on a range of projects from campaigning against plans to privatise the NHS to running the ‘Campaigns by You’ platform on the 38 Degrees website. Before joining us she worked on a London child poverty campaign and also volunteered for a social policy campaign documenting the effects of changes to housing benefit in her area. In her spare time Rebecca also plays the trumpet!

Becky Jarvis
Campaigns Manager

Becky is a long time member, now campaigner for 38 Degrees. She spends most of her day helping make 38 Degrees campaigns happen by writing e-mails, blogging, managing projects, organsing events and supporting volunteers and members.

Becky grew up in south Wales. Prior to joining the staff team she worked campaigning for much needed change in the family sector for a children's charity.

Blanche Jones

Blanche Jones
Campaigns Director

Blanche runs many of 38 Degrees' campaigns, as well as spending time promoting our work online, meeting with other organisations who share our priorities and talking to as many members as possible.

Before working at 38 Degrees, she worked at a healthcare charity and has spent time working in Parliament. 

Laura Kim
Operations Manager and EA

Laura's main role is to support the team in everything they do. Hailing from Canada, her career thus far has included waitress, events planner, actor, theatre producer, driving a lorry that looks like a monster across Canada, television production, and events.Over the last few years she's made a conscious effort to work within the third sector including development, fundraising, corporate volunteering, and most recently helping charities to document their services in preparation to launching their social enterprise. Outside of the office she loves to cycle, drink coffee and go to live gigs.

Amy Lockwood
Campaigns Intern

Amy has recently graduated from university, where she spent her time getting stuck into a wide range of campaigns. She then spent six months as an intern for Christian Aid, campaigning against tax dodging. Amy is incredibly excited to be joining 38 Degrees, especially in the run up to the general election. Outside of work, Amy spends most of her time wandering the streets of London, lost, because she's just moved to the city and has a terrible sense of direction.

Barbara Montzamir
Office Manager

Barbara is delighted to be part of 38 Degrees. With a background in office management and an experienced mental health counsellor, she is incredibly passionate about making a difference where possible and enjoys being part of an organisation that is all about that. With a background in the performing arts industry, Barbara loves music and is an avid theatre goer. When not at work, she enjoys eating, eating, and eating.

Rachel Oliver
Campaigns Intern

Rachel's journey as a campaigner started with Leeds University ONE Society. After graduating she dabbled in journalism and international development, but a week at Campaign Bootcamp inspired her into campaigning professionally. Stints with StopAIDS and Crisis Action preceded her joining 38 Degrees in March. She's thrilled to now be helping to run the campaigns that matter most to members across the UK. When not at work she's probably playing tennis, cooking or eating lots of eatnatural bars.

Robin Priestley

Robin Priestley
Campaigns Manager

Robin is a Campaigns Manager with 38 Degrees. He is a keen campaigner with a background in technology and design. Day to day he writes emails, builds web pages and works on campaign plans.

Robin comes from the wonder that is Essex. Prior to joining the team he used to be the creative manager for an independent cinema and has been actively involved in anti-arms campaigning and issues around corporate sponsorship and public space. Most famously he once tried to drive a tank into an arms fair, and challenged the government to a game of cricket on Parliament Square.

James Rees

James Rees
Campaigns Manager

James is a campaigner also with a background in website building. Day to day he helps run campaigns and works with our developers to bring campaign ideas to life. If something goes wrong with the website it's probably his fault.

James started as a volunteer at 38 Degrees in early 2011 and joined as a member of staff in February 2012. Outside of work he plays classical guitar and dances salsa.

India Thorogood
Campaigns intern

Before 38 Degrees India studied politics, interned for an MP and with Save the Children. She joined 38 Degrees as a volunteer in 2013, and came back on board to campaign against the gagging law later in the year. She loved meeting 38 Degrees members across the country and is really excited to see what we can achieve together in the future.


Ali Torabi
Campaigns Intern

Ali is proud to campaign with 38 Degrees members to solve the wicked problems we face in the United Kingdom. Hailing from Iran, he has previously worked at Office for Civil Society at Cabinet Office, Social ventures team at Young Foundation and most recently at Airports Commission as a Fast Stream intern.

Outside of work he spends his time moderating his fiendish need for coffee and news.

Belinda Tuffrey

Belinda Turffrey
Campaigns Manager

Belinda is another one of the growing band of campaign managers, splitting her day between leading campaigns, writing emails and coming up with creative ways to make the world a better place.

Reasonably new to campaigning, in Belinda's past life she worked in PR helping clients promote everything from trainers to chocolate. Since joining the not for profit sector Belinda has helped fight rogue landlords and improve the private rented sector, but is currently enjoying being part of the UK's largest people powered movement.

Laura Townshend

Laura Townshend
Communications Director

Laura leads 38 Degrees' communications strategy, working out the best ways to use the media and social media to make people power famous and help win campaigns. Previously, Laura ran media campaigns to raise the political profile of the housing crisis.

Outside of work, Laura spends her time swimming on Hampstead Heath and cycling up the hill to get there.

Bryony Walker
Campaigns Intern

Bryony is extremely proud to be part of a 2.5 million strong, people-powered movement working towards a fairer society. Her dream is to live in a world where the environment and people’s quality of life is placed before profit. A place where those with power over us embrace being challenged. And she relishes the challenge ahead!

Nat Whalley

Nat Whalley
Campaigns Manager

Nat is a Campaigns Manager with 38 Degrees. She spends her time designing campaigns, writing emails and bringing campaign ideas to life.

Prior to joining the team, she worked on national and international campaigns, campaigning on everything from infant formula to press ownership. Outside of work, Nat is a keen saxophonist and singer.


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